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Why Choose Us

◆We have over 20 years experience in China travel business. belongs to Guilin China Travel Service Co. Ltd was founded in 1975. Our company is ranking on the top of many travel agencies. We have more than 20 years experience in the Chinese tourism industry. Every year, we receive millions of tourists from China or abroad. We have many long and good partnerships with companies throughout China. This assures we can provide you knowledgeable tour guides, professional drivers, enjoyable and flexible tour arrangements, good hotel accommodations, etc., all at great price. We ensure your tour will be smoothly, pleasurable due to our experience and good partnerships. Let us help to arrange your ideal China tour.

◆We are based in China, understand customers’ needs.

We are based in China’s beautiful city—Guilin, which give us many advantages for designing China tour than a foreign travel agency. We know more about China, and familiar with each destination our customers want to visit, especially for Guilin travel. Because of being based in China, we can ensure attractions, hotels, restaurants and guides are all in high quality, and meet your expectation. This also allows us to make a clear understanding of customers’ need and what itinerary fit customers. We are always trying our best to make our customer satisfied with our travel products.

◆Free tailor-made trip for you & by you

We understand sometimes our ready-made tour packages are not satisfied by you. In this case, we are glad to make a customizing tour for you according to your requirements. You are freely to add your interested sights, hotels, activities, etc. into your tour. Just fill out our inquiry form and let us know, we guarantee to design your own trip plan until your tour meets your every requirement. This ensures your China tour is unique and unforgettable. Importantly it is completely free for tailor-making and customizing tours.

◆Reply within 24 hours and professional service

When you contact with, you are ensured to get a reply within 24 hours. We also provide our phone number to our customer in case the need to contact us urgently. You don’t worry about no replying from us. And we have a professional staff team, experienced travel advisors and operators, knowledgeable tour guides, responsible drivers. This ensures that we can provide you the professional high quality services. Each customer’s travel advisor will care their trip plan and keep contact with them until their tour is ended. Each customer’s tour guide will flexible arrange their visiting time and meet their needs to make their tour perfect and unforgettable. Even if there is any unexpected events or problems happened, our tour guide will 100% help each customer to solve. Our company emphasizes not only the reasonable prices but also the professional services in high quality.

◆Save money and value guarantee

It is the most valuable and suitable, but not the most expensive. Since we have a good relationship with many long partnership companies throughout China, we can offer you most competitive and reasonable prices. What’s more, since you are in direct contact us, there is no middle man which saves you a great deal of money. Especially for Guilin tour packages, we promise give you a best and best price under the advantages of being based in Guilin, China. Besides, we pay more attention to give each of our customers the best valuable tour packages, create the largest value for each of customers.

◆Money back guarantee

We understand that “things happen”, you may not be able to take your dream China trip because of some circumstances change even though you want to go. We guarantee to refund money to those who have to cancel their bookings after payments according to our cancellation policy. However additional cancellation fees, if applicable, charged by hotels, airlines and railway companies will be deducted in the money refunded. For our detailed cancellation policy,

Why Choose Us ?

China Special CTS belongs to Guilin China Travel Service Co. Ltd was founded in 1975. Our company is ranking on the top of many travel agencies.

We have Over 20 Years Experience in China Travel business.

We are based in China, understand customers' needs.

Free tailor-made trip for you & by you Reply within 24 hours and professional service

Save money and value guarantee Money back guarantee

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  1. Booking on the website, send us e-mail with your detailed needs.
  2. Our customer service will contact you, and communicate your travel details with you.
  3. Provide you a complete touring plan.
  4. Confirm the touring plan.
  5. Pay for fees, then start your trip to China!