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about us

About us belongs to China Travel Service Co. Ltd (Guilin) which was founded in 1975. It is one of the online platforms for travel agents to provide tour information and opportunity to directly communicate with each other. We focus on travel services to those who want to visit Guilin and its surroundings, China. china-special has  a first class staff team of considerate tour advisors, knowledgeable tour guides and responsible drivers . We believe that our over 20 years experience will make you enjoy the high quality services with best competitive prices. china-special provides professional, person-to-person, tailor-made travel services to any traveler.  

In our website, you are easy to find various ready-made tour packages of China,  attraction information, travel FAQ services and other information about your trip to Guilin, China. Foreign tourists can learn more about Guilin, China from us, also consult with us by e-mail or phone call, we are dedicated to replying within 24 hours and meet their needs. In a word, we are a good friend for foreign tourist who travel in China.

Our aim is to satisfy each customer every time with amazing travel products, outstanding customizing services, and qualitied reception services. china-special are trying hard to offer valuable tour packages and save your money. Wanna travel to Guilin? Check first!

Our Services

china-special not only operate tour packages, but also handle hotel bookings, pick-up & drop-off services and so on. We can deal with your all kind of needs for your trip, just consult us!

Guilin Tours

We are based in the picturesque Guilin city of China, it gives us many advantages to design and arrange your dream trip to Guilin with high quality and best price. Since we are specialized in Guilin travel operation, you can find many information and introduction about Guilin travel online, such as attractions, hotels, restaurants, shopping and so on. For Guilin tours, we have ready-made private Guilin tours and seat-in-coach Guilin tours for customers’ choose. If you prefer one of them and decide to confirm with us, then we will start to arrange your tour according to the itinerary immediately. It is the fastest and time-save for your tour plan.

China Tours

Besides Guilin tours, we also operate China tours to other cities of China. Just like Guilin tours, customers can find our ready-made China tours which has a fix tour schedule and all sightseeing and hotel have been already arranged. Customers only need to search one they wanna book and make the confirmation. Once they do their decision, we will arrange their tour soonest. It is still the fastest and time-save for your tour plan.

Tailor-made Tours

We specially provide customizing service for those who cannot find a satisfactory among our ready-made itineraries online. Just fill out our tailor-made inquiry form and submit ,tell us your own interests, which places you want to go, what sights you want to see and what you want to do, then our travel advisors will offer you a most suitable and enjoyable tailor-made tour according to tour requirements. It is the best way to design your own trip to China.

China Group Tours

Besides private China tours, China group tours are another tour type for those who want a budget tour or prefer a join-in group tour. In a China group tour, you will travel with other travelers who may come from different countries, share the tour guide and coach with others. The most striking features of China group tours are the low prices, fixed departure date and regular travel routes.

Hotel Bookings

Maybe you do not want a tour but a hotel booking, that is totally okay for us since we still can arrange hotel bookings without tours, even only transfer is not a problem. Our website provide you many information about Guilin hotels and try our best to offer you a cheaper price than you get from the hotel directly.

Start booking right now, 100% tailor make your trip right now.    
Our professional and considerate travel advisor will design your tour to suit your needs, interests and price.

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China Special CTS belongs to Guilin China Travel Service Co. Ltd was founded in 1975. Our company is ranking on the top of many travel agencies.

We have Over 20 Years Experience in China Travel business.

We are based in China, understand customers' needs.

Free tailor-made trip for you & by you Reply within 24 hours and professional service

Save money and value guarantee Money back guarantee

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  1. Booking on the website, send us e-mail with your detailed needs.
  2. Our customer service will contact you, and communicate your travel details with you.
  3. Provide you a complete touring plan.
  4. Confirm the touring plan.
  5. Pay for fees, then start your trip to China!