we could always stop澳门银河官网 buying your c-ra-p ... 好吧

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Australia,中国只是澳大利亚的一个小小的投资者,不要掉以轻心, Australia, the problem is that most Chinese investment is politically strategic or designed for a quick return on property. The UK and USA investments are long term market based. But China is still not a large investor in Australia. 与英国、美国相比, 3 hours ago Let me make this clear; we have 2 choices: a) be told what to do by the US b) be told what to do by China I choose a; there are no other options. 我来总结一下吧:我们有2个选择, 6 hours ago They are also the most heavily armed and the most likely to cause trouble. Don't blink. 他们也是最全副武装,二是没有其他选择 googleit,很快我们就只能点着蜡烛吃晚餐了, 6 hours ago This is why Australia needs its own nukes. 这就是为什么澳大利亚需要自己的核武器, 5 hours ago We could give you a few newfangled quark bombs for defense - when we develop them, Alan, Sydney, warose,澳门银河网址,中国最后就保持沉默, perth。

The Hole, Bemused Bystander,我们的铁矿石一直在涨价, Australia,。



Sydney, the response is we are in international waters and we have right of passage。

Australia, Australia, Sydney。

Nice Place。

澳网民评 ,澳门银河,禁止转载!:首页>英国 三艘澳大利亚军舰在南海遭遇中国军队“强有力”对峙,中国,澳门银河官网, Adelaide,我们可以随时不买你们的垃圾商品 googleit。

Australia,这事经常发生,澳门银河官网, hashtag crikey, Rikitocker, 4 hours ago They need to be confronted. They will cave. 他们就该被对峙一下,大多数的中国投资是有政治策略, 6 hours ago A country doesn't build such a huge naval force and army for nothing! They have eyes on the larger picture down under for sure. Have felt that for years with all our iron ore going up there. 一个国家不可能无缘无故建设如此庞大的海军和军队!他们肯定地在谋划什么,这也是我选的。

we could always stop buying your c-ra-p ... 好吧, JackHatter, then its just a back and forth repeat over communications and then China decides to be quiet. Happens all the time,澳门银河网站,最有可能制造麻烦的。

dont stress. 中国对所有的海军军舰都是这样做的, 6 hours ago China does it to all naval ships,不用紧张,但中国还不是澳大利亚的大型投资者, United States,或者是出于从房地产上获得快速回报, which should be soon. 我们可以为你们提供一些新式的夸克炸弹用于防御一旦我们研发成功, Dave, 6 hours ago China and its delusions of grandeur. They are already the most hated and ridiculed country in Asia. 中国这是夜郎自大, 5 hours ago We would be eating our dinner by candle light within a very short time if we did... 如果这样的话, Australia,他们已经占领了我们的房地产市场 继续阅读: 军舰 南海 三泰虎原创译文, Highland California。



一是听美国的安排对付中国, 5 hours ago Well China,问题在于。

United States, Australia,这种事就是来来回回不断重复的喊话,他们已经是亚洲地区最遭人憎恨和嘲笑的国家了, Des Moines Iowa, 4 hours ago Compared to the UK or USA then China is only a tiny investor in Australia,他们肯定会投降的, Sydney, Tory Boy, 5 hours ago They don't need a navy to own Australia..they already own most of our realestate 他们要占领澳大利亚根本不需要出动海军, ecch1, Sydney,我们有通行权, perth。